Winning the search phrase “Work from Home”

Below are the search results today for the search phrase “Work from Home” on (the South African version of the Google Search Engine). I intend to build this site to the top of the rankings and intend to document my progress on the site as I proceed. I am an SEO amateur and would appreciate any comments that could help the process. I am looking forward to the journey and hope that some of my readers may benefit from the commentary!

Work from Home Google

"Work from Home" search results

10 thoughts on “Winning the search phrase “Work from Home”

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  2. Have you got the essential SEO elements installed?

    once the basics are done, just make sure you keep posting useful articles once every few days…and your rankings will climb for sure.

      • By essentials I mean Google Webmaster tools, Analytics to keep track of progress, Sitemaps, and a good ping plugin…

        You can also follow me here if you like, Ive recently set up a site called iMoneyMaker, which will be going into detail about how South Africans can make profitable online businesses. We have to deal with certain issues that other countries dont, so that will be made clear in future posts. here is a link to the site:

        All the best!

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